The Painters Chronicle is a youth run organisation which covers a range of issues from current affairs to opinions to music - the list seems to go on for a while!

Founded in 2007 by Billy Painter the Chronicle grew in readership, and was lead and produced by a team of three - Billy Painter, Johnny McQuade and Isaac Rose, along with added support from loyal subscripient Calum Paramor. It ran continuous editions until Christmas 2008 where it produced it's last to-date edition. However since then the PC has held a stall at the Big Green Weekend in Hebden Bridge, where we spread our gospel to the people, summarised in three nice points:

What are we?  

The Painter’s Chronicle is a community based newspaper, produced by young people, for a readership both local and international.

What are the green credentials of the Painter’s Chronicle? 

We consider ourselves to be a “green” organisation, because of the nature of the distribution method – which is entirely internet-based, and therefore uses no paper.

Anything else noteworthy? 

Yes. The Painter’s Chronicle is a not-for-profit organisation, created and written entirely by volunteers. Because of this, every edition is free, and the cost of subscribing is nothing.
In 2010 the keys to the castle were handed over to a team of two, Joe Cotton and Callum MacRae who now oversee the day to day running of the Chronicle.