Saturday, 30 May 2009

And one more thing.

Have you ever noticed the electrostatic charges produced by trampolines? I have.


Sunshine. Sun-shine. Shining sun. It's the only victimless happiness. A single brid, soars in an azure sky, a sky free of darkness, devoid of cloud. The blue of the sky and the green of the land are in perfect harmony togther - a cornicopia of different shades and hues. Lush medows, dapple with yellow, roll out all around me. It couldn't be more perfect.

Yet if I turn my head to the side, I see cloud. Small white cloud, which is an omen of worse to come, Soon the sky will bloat, the bruised belly will hang low, and the heavens shall split, bringing with it a torrent of rain.

Which will feed the fields. It's as Tamakhulu Afrika said:

Nothing's changed.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Resounding Sucess!

We are pleased to report, that today's PC involvement in the "Big Green Weekend" was a resounding sucess, with over a hundred pounds raised for the PC fund and the profile of the Painter's Chronicle was raised significantly.

Being such a visual presence in the Green Market (we occupied the community project space, situated at the front of the market) we recieved a lot of interest, both from people within the market, and pedestrians strolling on Bridge Gate, and we managed to explain to those interested people about what the PC was about. We received genuine interest, which was very exciting for us, and also, I presume to those we were talking to. We stressed our green credentials, being it a green weekend - and the fact that it is all voluntary work, done by young people.
They were so impressed, that they solidified their solidarity (is that correct?) by purchasing one, two or even five of our homemade cakes, created by some of our subscripients. Not only this, but the badge-making section of the stall was also a great sucess - thanks entirely to Ben Lomax-Thorpe for providing the badge making machine and teaching us on its operation.

Thanks also to those who made cakes for us, and for those who manned the stall on this day. This has been a true sucess, and has strengthened the position of the PC for some time to come.

Unfortunatly, Robert P. Holme KBE wasn't able to make the day, due to family medical issues. He sends his apologies to those who turned up to listen to his poetry reading.

To sign up to the Painter's Chronicle, please email

Friday, 22 May 2009

Big Green Weekend PC Involvment

As the weekend finally draws near and the Painter's Chronicle Team has made it's preparations, we are ready to take to the street's, come what may and bravely man our stall. We'll be there in whatever weather it happens to be, this Sunday. However, here are a few Q&A's to clarify for you any suspicions you may have.

Why is the PC a "green organisation"?

We believe that we are green because of the method we use to distubute our issues- by email. We use no paper in the process, which is something to be proud of. this method could indeed be a method for the use of futher organisations, as we strive to remove our use of trees, and try to limit deforestation.

What will the event at the Big Green Weekend actually be doing?

We shall be talking to visitors about the Painter's Chronicle, and we will be raising our profile, so that people can learn about this fantastic organisation. We will be signing up subscripients, should they wish, and we will be free to talk to visitors about green issues, and anything they want to know about the PC.

Anything else?

Yes, we will be making a cake "sale". However, this is not going to be a profiteering excersise, as we shall be providing cakes to the people, for cut-price bargains! This will be cakes to the people, from the people, by the people. The PC way.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Robert P. Holme KBE

Well we've been having some miserable weather recently, what with all this rain and fog. It probably begs the question "where are the hot summer days we've been promised?" Not only this, but we've been told to expect a heatwave. Well, it seems like an improbability now, but as a former metorologist, I'd like to just say that generall short term and long term forcasts aren't correlated, and that we shouldn't write off this summer's predictions because of this recent spell of rain.

However, I also beg the question: what is so bad about the rain? It water's our fields and forests, it provides clean fresh water to every British citizen at the turn of a tap. Not only this, but it defines our national character and psyche. The British are notorious for our weather, and the fact that we can cope with it, that we "get on with the job at hand" is very much a part of our, very unique, mindset. This is a mindset to be generally praised. We are not content with second best, which is why we continually strive for the best in everything. We make the best of every situation, and we can go forward in all circumstances. While there is a lot bad about our mentality (closed mindedness) there is also a lot of good. And this, I think, can be attributed to the Rain.

The Rain

The Rain.
Falling like
silver. Unto
the ground.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Big Green Weekend

This weekend, in Hebden Bridge, there is a festival dedicated to all things green, both in the local area, and the wider world. The weekend is an extended one, and will be running from the 23rd - 25th of May, where a host of activities will be taking place, including Children's Events, Green Market's, Street Theatre, Politics, Organic Gardens, Film, Brass Bands, Literature and much much more! What will be happening promises to be eye-catching and interesting, and will be going on throughout the weekend.

Very kindly, a place at the Market has been offered to the Painter's Chronicle Team, where we shall be filling a three-metre stall. We hope to be able to sell cakes, tea and various PC-mechandise. So please come along to the weekend, and if possible, come along to the PC stall where you'll be able to talk with the gods that are The Board.

We are located in Bridge Gate Car Park on Sunday 24th May.

If you have any futher questions, please do not hesistate to contact Billy at the usual address. If you wish to find out more about the weekend in general, please visit their website at

Monday, 18 May 2009

Painter's Chronicle Bulletin

Dear Subscripients,

As you are probably aware, there was no Easter edition of The Painter's Chronicle. This arose due to unfortunate complications of examinations, Pace-Egg and certain members of the Board were unable to participate in the creation of an Easter edition. Due to poor management and timing, we left it all until the last minute, when we ran out of time. So, for this mistake, on our own half, we are sorry.

But, the good news is that we have definitely planned a post-exam edition, which will be coming out sometime this summer. This edition will be shorter and more concise, and we will be scrutinising the content. However we still want your input, into what hopefully will be another fantastic edition.
As part of the Calder High, Year 11 Leaver's Assembly, Mr Stephen Ball, head teacher of Calder High School, offered high praise to the Painter's Chronicle team. The comments were made on Friday 15th May as he remarked that it was 'the best student made magazine he had ever seen'. This was greeted with racous cheers from an audience who doubtless agreed with every word. In response to these comments the Painter's Chronicle would like to thank Mr Ball for his continuous support and also the many contributors who have helped reach this status. The Painter's Chronicle Board will speak to Mr Ball in person in the very near future.

What is more imminent is the Big Green Weekend, to be held this weekend (23rd and 24th May) where the PC will have their very own stall. We shall be on the Sunday, in the Bridge Gate Car Park in Hebden Bridge. We hope to see you there supporting our cause, we will be selling a variety of locally made cakes, making PC badges and taking orders for more PC merchandise. We are also pleased to announce that Robert Holme KBE will be present to perform selected poetry readings, throughout the day. This event is also a great opportunity to meet the Painter's Chronicle Board and even have your photograph taken with them at a small charge!

As always, please log on to our website for all of the latest updates on the PC.


The Painter's Chronicle Board

Friday, 15 May 2009

Billy's Inspiring Speech - Calder High Year 11 Leaver's Assembly - 15th May '09

Thanks to Jacob Clayton for the video.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Emberton and Bladon!

Painter's Chronicle subscripient, Mary Emberton, today celebrates her 16th birthday! Hopefully Mary can see sense for this special, one day only occasion and take a break from a hardcore revision schedule in order to celebrate 16 years of life on earth in style! Happy birthday Mary, have a delightful day! Matthew Bladon also celebrates his birthday today, although short, Bladon is in fact 16 too!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Malaysian Politics

Editor's Comment - Our sole Malaysian subscripient, Jun Hsien Lee, kindly volunteered to write an article for our website. After a discussion about what he should actually write and talk to us about, I felt that politics would be a subject that interests a wide audience of the PC, so in this time of Economic crisis, Lee gives us more of an insight as to what is going on in the wider world. Enjoy!

Note: In Malaysia, there are only two prevailing, dominant parties, namely the Barisan Nasional (BN) and the Pakatan Rakyat (PR). Last year in March, during the general election, there was an almost landslide victory in favor of Pakatan Rakyat. This victory has changed the political scenario in Malaysia, making PR from being the less dominant, minor party to almost being government.


The message from the rakyat (citizens) of Malaysia was clear – they had had enough of corruption, white-collar crimes and false promises. What they really wanted was a change, a true change that’d better their lives and those of their grandchildren.

To say that politics in Malaysia is complicated would be an understatement. For one, Malaysia is a multiracial country, founded by our forefathers who fought tirelessly against the British occupation to gain independence. It is a country bonded by fragile relations, compromising, and on mutual respect towards different culture and religion. (Out-of-topic note : It is believed that Malaysia has among the highest number of holidays due to its celebration of all multicultural festivals).

The then-Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi (now Tun, an equivalent to “knight” status in Europe ) has then accepted the lost graciously and promised to pass over his duty to the-now Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib.

Najib (The 6th PM of Malaysia) officially took office on April the 3rd, and started a myriad of to-do lists in office, of it which includes wiping out corruption, tackling snatch thefts and among the more prominent one is by proposing to have a 1 Malaysia.

So what is then, 1 Malaysia? According to Najib himself, simply put, 1Malaysia is a country where all of us live in harmoniously without segregating or discriminating against any race or religion, or even political party. It is certainly an ambitious goal given the recent record that local politicians are known to play the race card.

While the PM’s move is plausible, a concept that does not have a time limit or clear milestone, and an end product that remains vague, is something that many disapprove of. Especially in this hard trying time where recession is at large and a depression may even be at sight, what the normal citizen wants is all but a steady living and job comfort.

But among the most extreme of cynics, there is however a small group that still believes, that despite all odds, a 1Malaysia could be achieved. It is all but a matter of time, a matter of compromising and of tolerance. Otherwise, we will forever be groping in the dark and the ideals of 1 Malaysia will perpetually elude us.

P.s : For more info on 1Malaysia, feel free to visit its official website at


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Happy Birthday Jem!

The brother of the esteemed vice-chairman today celebrates his 14th birthday. We here at the PC wish him a particularly enjoyable Painter's Chronicle sponsored celebrations and many returns.
Happy Birthday Jem!