Friday, 24 July 2009

The Next Election

With terrible by-election results today announced in Norwich, we want to know if you think that Labour can pull back the support of the country or if the Conservatives now can expect an inevitable victory. In the middle of a huge financial crisis it isn’t surprising that the government is unpopular but countries facing prospects which are just as bad still maintain popular leaders. Does this mean that Gordon Brown has handled he whole crisis badly or just that leaders such as Germany's Angela Merkel can dodge the bullet more effectively. But most importantly how well has David Cameron capitalised on the crisis and does the country believe that he can sort it out?

PC Website Update

As you will probably know the Painter's Chronicle Website has entered a golden period in its history with viewing and commenting figures off the scale. This, however, was not enough for the newly formed Website Forward Planning & Development Committee, who recently met to discuss ways of improving the quantity and, just as importantly, the quality of the posts on the site. With this in mind they have produced a detailed timetable of publication for the site so that now you can know exactly when your favourite articles will be hitting the web. Here is the timetable of release:

Monday - Video of the Week

Tuesday - The Big Questions

Wednesday - Editors Midweek Quote

Thursday - Politics this Week

Friday - The Subscripients Day

Saturday - International Correspondents Day

Sunday - Sports Roundup

*New timetable to commence on 1st August 2009

So even if you log on just once or twice a week we would appreciate your support in helping build this website to dizzying new heights that we know we can reach. So think of the hit count as the bricks and the comments you leave as the mortar, and with this, together, we can build this dream up to the skies.

We've now reached 10'000, lets go for 100'000!

Onwards and Upwards!

The Website Forward Planning & Development Committee

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Painter's Chronicle Facebook Fan Page

Join the Painter's Chronicle Facebook Fan Page and show your support to the Painter's Chronicle! This will also ensure you get the latest news, views and gossip from your favourite establishment! So don't delay . . . . join today!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Painter's Chronicle Website Reaches 10'000 Hits!

7 Months . . . 197 Days . . . 122 Posts and The Painter's Chronicle website has now officially received 10'000 hits! Those statistics show that receives, on average, 51 hits every single day! That statistic shows that 25% of the Painter's Chronicle Subscripient list log on to our humble website every single day! That statictic shows that the Painter's Chronicle website is consistently attracting people to read our varied selection of posts, and people want that extra dose of PC outside of our PDF editions . . . and to that all we can say is . . . FANTASTIC!

I am sure you're all wondering who the 10'000th visitor to the website was, and we're proud to say that it is one of the original PC subscripients, Matthew Bladon.

I know it is the old Painter's Chronicle cliche, but, thank you for your continued support and all we can say now is; Next stop 100'000!!

Hold Your Nerve People!

Hold steady all, the website is about to make 10,000 hits. A major achievement if you ask me, we have started to grow since our humble beginnings half a year ago (website wise). Also, it is a fitting moment for this to happen, as the PC itself is now two years old! How exciting. Two years.

Anyway, whatever - make your own deductions chaps.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Big Questions

Should taxpayer money be put into anti-rain schemes, which would see the rain-clouds moved to Scotland?

It's a problem which all British people have to endure, the seemingly never ending rain that pours downwards from the heavens. There are many theories as to why Britain experiences so much rain, from the maritime climate and the proximity to the sea, to some kind of Divine Punishment for the sinful history of Britain. Now, a team from Cambridge University, has come up with a solution. After years of research, the team concluded that it would be feasible for the British Government to invest in a fleet of dirigibles, which would be equipped with giant fans - the force of which would be used to push the rain-clouds.
After long debate, it was decided that the rain-clouds should be pushed into Scotland, and when Sky News interviewed the leading scientist on the team, Richard Cauliflower, he defended his position, saying that, "Obviously it would be ideal if we could push the rain into the sea, however there are several meteorological reasons which would prevent this. Rain-clouds can only be pushed onto land, and we concluded that the only suitable land available is the uplands of Scotland. After all, the Scottish make up an insignificant proportion of Britain's population, and are genetically stronger, and should be glad that they are taking the bullet for the English."
Campaign groups, such as ScotCare (the Charity for Scot's in London) have raised concerns about this scheme being yet another way the English oppress the Scottish. Alex Salmond, the Scottish First Minister has also voiced his opposition, saying that this "is yet another clear sign that the sooner Scotland becomes independent, the better."
The Government has ordered a review into the possible scheme, and has already earmarked a sum of forty eight billion pounds for the scheme. The first dirigible is expected to be operational in late 2011.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

10 Years Later

After their recent trip to the capital the PC directors mused on where they saw themselves living in the future and whether the bright lights of the city showed more appeal than the peace of the country. But maybe the compromise of the suburbs is more your thing or do you see yourself looking down on the rest of us with a place on the moon. We want to know where you think you’ll be.

PC Team Hit Capital

This week four members of the PC team visited London in an attempt to understand this crazy city and how it affects our lives. The visit incorporated The City and the Houses of Parliament amongst other things and the group consisted of The Chairman, CEO, Co-Editor and Economics Editor and are seen here in the inner square of the House of Commons which required numerous security checks and constant wearing of an ID badge to access. The team visited the House of Lords, which made them feel strangely alive after witnessing the hoards of sleepy old men, and also a military ISTAR meeting which they were ejected from so that the top brass could speak more openly about secret military information. In general they were shocked and delighted how easy it is to get into the inner layers of parliament and sit in on various important committees. Also The City was awe-inspiring, as huge monuments to wealth rose up above you, but the team felt a little out of place without their suits and were actually thrown out of a restaurant supposedly because of a City of London law but one could assume there were other motives. But overall what stuck out most was what an exciting and vibrant city it was and how somehow you feel a little empty after leaving it.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Happy Birthday Jess and Christian!

Painter's Chronicle subscripients Jess Woodhead and Christian Moorhead (the two "heads") today celebrate their 16th and 17th birthdays! Jess is the half of the Pace Egg buglers, along with Clara Collett and Christian was officially the 3rd subscripient to have ginger hair! Happy Birthday to both from all at the Chronicle, and we hope you both have a brilliant day!

Friday, 10 July 2009

"Devoted Subscripient" Mr Ball Takes Part In PC Interview

Devoted subscripient, Mr Ball, today took part in the first ever "Five Minutes With . . . " interview hosted by the Painter's Chronicle team. Chief Editor, Billy Painter and Vice-Chairman, Calum Paramor were the interviewees, and set out to record an interview suited to subscripients all over the world. The duo captured an extremely interesting and thought provoking interview with the Calder High School headteacher, and can't wait to release the interview to the subscipients! The picture shows Mr Ball proudly sporting his new found love, the official PC T-Shirt. A big thank you goes out to Mr Ball for his time, and we're proud to have him supporting our humble newsletter. *The interview will be posted on the Painter's Chronicle website within the next few days . . . watch this space!

Johnny McQuade - Happy Birthday

Painter's Chronicle Co-Editor and Graphics Coordinator, Johnny McQuade today celebrates his 16th birthday. Johnny is officially the youngest member of the PC Board, but his wait for this almighty day has been worthwhile. At long long last Johnny can buy his very own lottery ticket and he is now just one year away from being able to drive a car! Happy Birthday Johnny, have a splendid day and on behalf of all the PC readers, we appreciate your input immensely.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Not In My Name Petition - Final Call

In just two weeks the BNP will be taking their seats in the European Parliament. We need to send the strongest possible message that they are not there in our name.

Over 80,000 people have already done just this by signing the "Not in my Name" petition - the organisers of this fantastic initiative still need your help to make sure that over 100,000 have signed this petition by the time the BNP go to Strasbourg.

They're set up a simple tool to let you do this - please invite your friends to join the campaign: they need your help in showing that Griffin and Brons don't represent us - that they don't speak for Britain.

The leader of the organisation is currently organising who they're going to select to hand the petition in to at the European Parliament on July 14th and he wants to make sure that as many people as possible have signed our petition before then.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Editor's Mid-Week Quote

This weeks mid-week quote comes from Henry Ford, and is a quote that I feel we can all take a lot from. This quotation signals that the human generation fails to engage in thoughtful thinking as much as they should. Yes, we as humans of this planet do achieve remarkable things, and sometimes even counter the impossible, but if we all spent a little more time than we already do thinking about the things that we do already and the things that we could possibly do, the rewards and achievements in our world would be much greater.

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it."

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wimbledon Final - Federer Wins

So it's over. In an epic final in which the momentum shifted many times from player to player Roger Federer finally broke Andy Roddick after an epic 14-16 final set. Roddick was the underdog, which automatically gains him support from many Brits, but he did knock out our man Murray. And Federer was the one on the edge of history with everyone waiting to see the best tennis player, today and probably ever, finally prove he is the greatest. Whoever you supported it was a great match which will undoubtedly be remembered as a classic and will always be cited as the moment Federer defeated history.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy Birthday Janet

Painter's Chronicle subscripient Janet Oosthuysen celebrates her birthday today. Proving that like the finest of wines, the best of people only get better with age. Happy birthday Janet, enjoy your portrait of Stevie G.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Rather Good Video

A rather good video here, which I really like. It's not only rather good, but is a rathergood video too, which are the makers of many funny and amusing videos, ranging from the adventures of the Blode to "we liked the moon".