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Photography Competition
Okay, so it's spring time and the sun is out, creating beautiful scenes...

So I want you to get some photos of nature in its full beauty and send them in for this month's competition, and I will pick the best to appear in next month's post.

Please send your entries in an e-mail entitled 'PC Photography Competiton' to

Good Luck!

Fay Bland

Ask Mrs Smith...

Hello Subscripients,

Welcome to my fortnightly agony aunt feature. I am here to solve all your problems, no matter how big or small! So all you have to do to receive my expert help and advice is to send your problems or queries to and our new web manager will pass on all your e-mails to me. All problems chosen to be published on the site will be anonymous.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Mrs Smith.

Desert Island Discs

Hello Subscripients!
This is another exciting chance for you to get involved with the PC, and broaden your musical and literary horizons!

The idea is that those interested in participating will enter their names into a hat, from which I will pull one name each month. Whosever name comes out of the hat will list five albums and one book that they would take with them to a desert island if they were sentenced to a life of isolation there, accompanied by a brief justification of their choices. However, this feature will only work if there is enough subscripient participation so whatever your musical and literary taste, whether subscripient or contributor, I urge you all to get involved so we can get this exciting project off the ground!

If you are interested in applying please send an e-mail entitled 'PC DID Feature' to with your name. Thanks very much, and congratulations, for your amazing feat of 1000 views this week! Hoping to see entries from you all soon,

Callum MacRae
Website Manager - Painter's Chronicle E-Magazine

Ask The Team

The idea is that you e-mail in a subject (any subject you like; it could be quantum physics, it could be the upcoming election, it could be jam) and 'The Team', namely Billy, Joe, Isaac and myself, will each write a paragraph on said subject, and post it on the website. If there is enough support from all of you,  we may even make this a regular feature!

So I urge you all to get thinking and send in a subject to Looking forward to your replies, and thanking you in advance,

Callum MacRae
Website Manager - Painter's Chronicle E-Magazine

Build your own Election Poster! Prizes up for grabs!

So who's face will lead your campaign?

On this site:

You can create your own poster, with your own picture, or just offend current party leaders!

You can produce posters from a template on the site above, for either Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrats. There is also the option of David Cameron's face, which has been used above.

Copy and paste your creations and send them in an email to

The Top five or so will appear on our website, and in the magazine itself!

If there are enough entries, there will be a grand prize for the very best, and you'll get a special spot on the site to show off your genius!

Here are a few examples to get you going, and have fun!

So I hope that has inspired you, have fun, and Good Luck!

Thanks to Sol Cotton for finding this site, The Painter's Chronicle has no permission or copyright on any of this material, but to whoever created this site (Andy Barefoot?) you are a genius! You are welcome to free Painter's Chronicle merchandise for 'allowing' us to use your slogan generator.