Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas - One Year On

Upon being instructed to write whatever came into my head, I thought that we should just publicise the fact that it's now a year since the PC Christmas edition. What a year it has been. Thanks a lot peoples.

Christmas; an Acrostic Poem by Robert Holme, KBE

C - is for Christmas, the subject of this poem.
H - is for Happy, how I feel when writing poems.
R - is for Robert that's my name!
I - is for "I, Robert Holme."
S - is for Saviour, that's Jesus and me.
T - is for Tea, my favourite drink at Crimbo
M - is for Me, me me me me.
A - is for Apples, like in the mouth of a pig
S - is for Scrooge, my role model.

Thanks Robert for that amazing poem - Ed.

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