Sunday, 21 March 2010

Painter's Chronicle Statement - A NEW Editor!

Dear Subscripients,

Around a month ago a statement was released by myself on behalf of the Painter's Chronicle Board addressing all of our existing Subscripients on the current situation of The Painter's Chronicle. After many messages of support and a flurry of people expressing an interest in getting involved in future Painter's Chronicle editions, the Board have now acted and made some dramatic changes that will undoubtedly benefit the long term future and existence of the PC.

As previously mentioned, the ongoing pressures and studies of A-Levels have simply become too much for the more senior members of the Painter's Chronicle team, and with that in mind we felt the best way forward would be to take a more backwards role and allow a younger generation of Calder Valley talent to take the lead and build on foundations that have already been laid. The Painter's Chronicle Board (Myself, Isaac Rose, Johnny McQuade along with Calum Paramor) however, will remain involved as the "Honorary Painter's Chronicle Board".

With regards to the new Production Team, we have decided that this will now be split into two different departments; "Web Team" and "Editorial Team". This will allow both departments to focus more directly on the website and newsletter respectively. Taking the role as "Website Manager" will be Callum MacRae, Callum has been a huge figure in previous productions of the PC and has entertained everyone with "MacRae's Thoughts", an article that is unique and different, and with that in mind, we felt that Callum's originality and wide range of interests would be an excellent acquisition to the website. Callum is currently putting together his team of contributors and this will be announced very shortly.

Now, for the announcement you've all been waiting for!

After consideration by the Board, and analysis of possible candidates to take over the role of Editor, there was one candidate that we felt would be best suited to this role. Someone with raw talent, strong leadership and communication skills and someone who has real potential to thrive in this role. We're delighted and honoured to be able to announce that Joe Cotton will be taking on the role as the Editor of The Painter's Chronicle. We will work with Joe to enable a moderately easy transition into the wild world of the PC, and ensure that everything is set in place to continue as we left off. A draft list of articles and contributors has already been drawn up, and this should be announced over the next week or two, so watch this space as I'm sure Joe's plans will certainly get everyone buzzing once again.

So there you have it; Callum MacRae and Joe Cotton are the new people in the hot seats. I am extremely delighted and honoured to have both of them on board, and I wish them both the very best of luck for what is sure to be an extremely exciting new phase for The Painter's Chronicle.

Billy Painter
On Behalf of The Honorary Board

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