Tuesday, 31 August 2010

PC Friend Focus - Thomas Stamp

The Painter's Chronicle Team are delighted to announce yet another new regular feature to our website, 'PC Friend Focus'. This will be a monthly offering and each month we will focus on a PC subscripient who has something a little different and special about them. This month we speak to a young up and coming photographer, who first came to our attention when we stumbled across his photography websites when surfing the world wide web. The debut guest for PC Friend Focus is Cragg Vale's own, Thomas Stamp.

About Thomas Stamp...
I’m 16 years old and living in Cragg Vale. I started getting into photography back in 2006 when my Great Grandma gave me a camera. It was a Canon compact and it was great! I used it all the time and was taking pictures of everything.

In Summer 2007 was when my interest in photography really started to take off. I went to Saint Tropez with my family for a holiday for 3 weeks, so I had a lot of time to shoot. I got some really great landscapes with my point and shoot but compact cameras have limitations. So when I got home my Dad let me use his old Minolta film camera. I used that for about 3 months and at Christmas I was lucky enough to get a Canon eos digital camera.

Since that moment I have not stopped taking photos and have think I've improved vastly and have mainly focused on Landscape photography. I’m now working in a local photography studio training to be a photographer and taking photos for the local newspapers.

I have recently been given my own space in the studio to sell my Landscapes. Sort of like a gallery for me to sell some of my landscapes. You can drop into Philip Fearnley Photography in Sowerby Bridge to see them or they can be bought at www.choosecapture.co.uk

You can see some more of Tom's excellent work via his Flickr Page.

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  1. Wow, those photos are really something... very impressed