Friday, 15 October 2010

Stand up for Students

URGENT: Browne Review recommends massive increase in tuition fees. Act now!
As you may have seen in yesterday’s news, the Browne Review has recommended massive increases in student tuition fees to fund higher education. Labour Students have always fought to stop rises to fees and the creation of a market in higher education – and now we need your help as a member of Young Labour.
Every Lib Dem MP signed a pledge before the general election promising that they would vote against any increase in tuition fees. Now it seems that the Lib Dems have betrayed students with a massive u-turn by agreeing to abstain while the Tories vote through this monumental tuition fee hike. We are now calling on all members of Young Labour to join our campaign to expose this hypocrisy and stop these recommendations from becoming a reality.
Do five things right now to help:
1  Sign our online letter to Vince Cable here at
2 Forward this email to 10 friends and get them to sign the e-petition
Pledge to attend the national demonstration on the 10th November – more details
Write to your local MP to ask them to vote against any proposed increase in tuition fees
Ask your local newspaper to challenge your local MP about this policy
Please do everything you can to highlight this campaign around and sign your friends up – together we need to show the Lib Dems that they cannot lie to young people and get away with it.

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