Monday, 22 November 2010

National Student Walkout - This Wednesday

On the 24th of November 2010 there will be a national walkout by all institutions of learning. All levels of the curriculum will be getting involved; schools, colleges and universities. The walkout will take place at 11am and   will be a protest mainly against the following: 
  1. The Budget Cuts
  2. Cutting of EMA
  3. Rise in Tuition Fees
The protest comes after recent announcements from the Conservative Party to initiate the above in the very near future, and with the majority of the current Painter's Chronicle readership planning on furthering their education we felt that it would be appropriate to publicise the planned walkout to give everyone the information should they feel that they wish to take part. More information can also be found HERE.

*The information supplied in the above article is to inform the Painter's Chronicle readers about the walkout, and is in no way trying to persuade people to take part should they not wish. The Painter's Chronicle Team have different views on the walkout, and with this in mind the above is information rather than our own personal views.


  1. Agree, except for:

    e a protest mainly against the following:
    The Budget Cuts

    No, cuts need to happen. What and where, is a different matter :)

    In my opinion :)

  2. Cuts don't necessarily need to happen there's still plenty of debate about that. I don't agree with free education though that appears to be completely untenable.

  3. Cuts do need to happen, when there is a chance of saving money it should be done. Education should not be free, but there should be subsidies involved at all levels.

  4. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Just cutting everything wont help. If you cut the education budget then you have people unemployed and you have less money spent around university areas, if you have less money spent then you have problems with unemployment and therefore you have to spend money on the welfare state. It's not a simple solution.