Friday, 10 July 2009

"Devoted Subscripient" Mr Ball Takes Part In PC Interview

Devoted subscripient, Mr Ball, today took part in the first ever "Five Minutes With . . . " interview hosted by the Painter's Chronicle team. Chief Editor, Billy Painter and Vice-Chairman, Calum Paramor were the interviewees, and set out to record an interview suited to subscripients all over the world. The duo captured an extremely interesting and thought provoking interview with the Calder High School headteacher, and can't wait to release the interview to the subscipients! The picture shows Mr Ball proudly sporting his new found love, the official PC T-Shirt. A big thank you goes out to Mr Ball for his time, and we're proud to have him supporting our humble newsletter. *The interview will be posted on the Painter's Chronicle website within the next few days . . . watch this space!


  1. A true legend, good work Mr Ball!

  2. Can't wait, a new and dynamic direction for the website.

  3. Good old Mr Ball!