Monday, 20 July 2009

Painter's Chronicle Website Reaches 10'000 Hits!

7 Months . . . 197 Days . . . 122 Posts and The Painter's Chronicle website has now officially received 10'000 hits! Those statistics show that receives, on average, 51 hits every single day! That statistic shows that 25% of the Painter's Chronicle Subscripient list log on to our humble website every single day! That statictic shows that the Painter's Chronicle website is consistently attracting people to read our varied selection of posts, and people want that extra dose of PC outside of our PDF editions . . . and to that all we can say is . . . FANTASTIC!

I am sure you're all wondering who the 10'000th visitor to the website was, and we're proud to say that it is one of the original PC subscripients, Matthew Bladon.

I know it is the old Painter's Chronicle cliche, but, thank you for your continued support and all we can say now is; Next stop 100'000!!


  1. Well Done Boys!

  2. It's an historic moment and one that we'll build on to forge a stronger website for hardworking subscripients everywhere.