Friday, 7 May 2010

The Election

Well, although the exact details of the nature of our parliament are somewhat vague, one thing is clear - the Conservative party have a majority in our parliament. Whilst lamenting this today, I was told by many friends and acquaintances "Don't worry, It's not that bad. The Tories have changed since Thatcher, they're much more progressive now." But are they? The Conservatives have always been notorious for having disobedient back-benchers, and whilst David Cameron has been persuading you that his party has 'changed' his back-benchers tell a very different story.

To pick one example, I'm going to talk about the recent scandals over homophobia in the Conservative party. I'm sure you'll have heard the disgusting story of Phillipa Stroud (If you haven't - please do: Link). Also whilst searching on the internet I found some truly astounding statistics on Tory opinions of Gay Rights. In the recent parliamentary vote to equalise the age of consent 95% of Labour MPs voted to pass it, 91% of Lib Dem MPs voted to pass it and just 14% of all Tory MPs voted to pass the act. Again, when voting on whether or not gay couples should be allowed to adopt, 94% of Labour MPs voted to pass the act, 100% of Lib Dem MPs and a truly frightening 6% of Conservative MPs voted to pass the act (Link). It is these MPs, not hundreds of David Camerons, that will be voting on whether or not our laws are passed, and it is these MPs who are supposed to represent the British people.

However, although it borders a very dark, sinister cloud, there is a silver lining. The Conservatives are coming in to power at a time of recession. Not only that, but they are coming in to power with, what I gather from my economy-literate friends, a very poor plan of recovery. So perhaps what we shall find is a vast dispiritedness with the Conservatives, such as the one which we saw in 1997, and one which they truly deserve. I just wish the British public didn't have to learn its lessons twice...

And for those of you who are still finding it difficult to come to terms with the new Tory government, seek refuge in the wonderful words of Talking Heads - 'Don't Worry About The Government' (thanks to new web-contributor Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe for this recommendation!) - Link

Callum MacRae
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