Sunday, 11 July 2010

Michael James On... Libraries

 How big does a library fine have to be before the authorities get involved? In fact, is there any punishment librarians can give you greater than stopping you from taking any other books out until you have paid the £3.50 you owe?
 They probably won’t do anything for a while and by the time your fine reaches a large amount I doubt they’ll remember (it would take almost 2 years to owe £100). The librarians are not exactly going to send debt collectors after you over a few pounds, and after a few months more important issues will have arisen to do with the noisy and distracting children who will realise the library has DVDs.
 Not that I encourage this, but surely if someone’s out of money and fancies stealing something not too expensive (maybe do some shoplifting) wouldn’t popping down to the library and taking the biggest, most costly books you can before selling them over the internet be easier? You know, not having to hide the books from the camera? If you take the books out properly, nobody stops you. Ok, people wouldn’t have chance to do it more than once without creating fraudulent library cards under a fake name, but still...
 I am disappointed that today’s criminals are sticking to the unimaginative and over complicated tradition of shoplifting rather than taking advantage of an establishment literally giving stuff away. What is the world coming to?

Michael James

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