Thursday, 21 May 2009

Robert P. Holme KBE

Well we've been having some miserable weather recently, what with all this rain and fog. It probably begs the question "where are the hot summer days we've been promised?" Not only this, but we've been told to expect a heatwave. Well, it seems like an improbability now, but as a former metorologist, I'd like to just say that generall short term and long term forcasts aren't correlated, and that we shouldn't write off this summer's predictions because of this recent spell of rain.

However, I also beg the question: what is so bad about the rain? It water's our fields and forests, it provides clean fresh water to every British citizen at the turn of a tap. Not only this, but it defines our national character and psyche. The British are notorious for our weather, and the fact that we can cope with it, that we "get on with the job at hand" is very much a part of our, very unique, mindset. This is a mindset to be generally praised. We are not content with second best, which is why we continually strive for the best in everything. We make the best of every situation, and we can go forward in all circumstances. While there is a lot bad about our mentality (closed mindedness) there is also a lot of good. And this, I think, can be attributed to the Rain.

The Rain

The Rain.
Falling like
silver. Unto
the ground.

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