Friday, 22 May 2009

Big Green Weekend PC Involvment

As the weekend finally draws near and the Painter's Chronicle Team has made it's preparations, we are ready to take to the street's, come what may and bravely man our stall. We'll be there in whatever weather it happens to be, this Sunday. However, here are a few Q&A's to clarify for you any suspicions you may have.

Why is the PC a "green organisation"?

We believe that we are green because of the method we use to distubute our issues- by email. We use no paper in the process, which is something to be proud of. this method could indeed be a method for the use of futher organisations, as we strive to remove our use of trees, and try to limit deforestation.

What will the event at the Big Green Weekend actually be doing?

We shall be talking to visitors about the Painter's Chronicle, and we will be raising our profile, so that people can learn about this fantastic organisation. We will be signing up subscripients, should they wish, and we will be free to talk to visitors about green issues, and anything they want to know about the PC.

Anything else?

Yes, we will be making a cake "sale". However, this is not going to be a profiteering excersise, as we shall be providing cakes to the people, for cut-price bargains! This will be cakes to the people, from the people, by the people. The PC way.

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