Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Resounding Sucess!

We are pleased to report, that today's PC involvement in the "Big Green Weekend" was a resounding sucess, with over a hundred pounds raised for the PC fund and the profile of the Painter's Chronicle was raised significantly.

Being such a visual presence in the Green Market (we occupied the community project space, situated at the front of the market) we recieved a lot of interest, both from people within the market, and pedestrians strolling on Bridge Gate, and we managed to explain to those interested people about what the PC was about. We received genuine interest, which was very exciting for us, and also, I presume to those we were talking to. We stressed our green credentials, being it a green weekend - and the fact that it is all voluntary work, done by young people.
They were so impressed, that they solidified their solidarity (is that correct?) by purchasing one, two or even five of our homemade cakes, created by some of our subscripients. Not only this, but the badge-making section of the stall was also a great sucess - thanks entirely to Ben Lomax-Thorpe for providing the badge making machine and teaching us on its operation.

Thanks also to those who made cakes for us, and for those who manned the stall on this day. This has been a true sucess, and has strengthened the position of the PC for some time to come.

Unfortunatly, Robert P. Holme KBE wasn't able to make the day, due to family medical issues. He sends his apologies to those who turned up to listen to his poetry reading.

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  1. Nice One Fella's. Sorry i missed it but i was away

    and i better see you all spend it on drugs and cheap hookers. I know what your like Mr.Editor

  2. Nice work guys! It went really well!

  3. well done!
    i tried some they were really tasty :)

  4. the boy in the yellow t-shirt selling buns has no eyes!!!! well done by the ways :)

  5. absolutely boomin!

    great work team.this is what we need to see more of :)

  6. Well Done PC Team!!!

    Long live the Chronicle!

  7. Thanks Everyone!

    Thank you for your continued support and your contributions on the day too.


  8. A shame that Robert couldn't make it.