Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Breaking Dawn

The Chairman

Yes, dawn has broken on the Painter's Chronicle. A new dawn, that is. As the sun set at the end of volume two last September, the Painter's Chronicle entered hibernation, descending into a chrysalis as it underwent an exciting and revolutionary metamorphosis.
Gone are the short, often average, monthly editions. In are the super-huge, and fine tuned seasonal editions. Which come out on the appropriate Christian festival. Because we are all very, very pious.
Part of this metamorphosis is this domain name and website, which hopefully will become a sprawling mass of PCdom, and will help keep the fires of the Painter's Chronicle burning throughout the periods where no PC is released.
So, I should end by saying that I hope this is a success, and that this breaking dawn will blossom into the golden fury of a Painter's Chronicle noon. Welcome. And may the Red Bear be forever benevolent.

PS - I should also like to apologise for using the word "risqué" incorrectly in the last PC, in the attached document "London Logs". The word I believe I was searching for was in fact the much blander, "risky".

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