Thursday, 15 January 2009

GCSE Maths Results

Today saw the return of a set of GCSE maths results from an early examination taken in November. The fast track group, which is a selection of "gifted" students, took their GCSE exam in November; six months earlier than the majority of students. This is designed so that the best students can continue and take an extra, AS-style qualification, called Additional Maths.

And the results were excellent. In the group of thirteen students, there were no grades below an A, and the majority of the group got an A*. This is down to two things.
Firstly, it is due to the standard of mathematicians in the group. But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it is due to the standard of teaching, without which, these grades would have been possible. Thanks, therefore, are in order to Mrs. Booth and Mr. Stephenson, who have taught this group and brought them to this high standard. This is, indeed, a massive achievement for the individual students, but also is a substantial achievement for comprehensive education.

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  1. Only a select few? and only in november?
    Outwood grange makes top 3 sets do the english lit + lang exam a year early for a full year of a different course. other subjects are now doing the same such as fastrack food dt which is finished at the end of year 10.