Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Painter's Chronicle Annual Awards

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Painter’s Chronicle End of Year Survey. The results that came back were both useful and . . . interesting! We used some of your ideas and suggestions in the last edition, most notably the page 3, we hope you approved of the three fine
models as they didn’t come cheap! To receive the document containing the data we received from the survey, please contact The Editor and he will get one to you.

For those of you who logged on and completed the survey you will have noticed the first two questions were about, “PC Writer of the Year” and “PC Article of the Year”. Myself, with the Boards approval thought it would be a nice gesture to show some recognition for the subscripients favourite element of the PC at this time of year. I can genuinely say that the voting was extremely close and every vote really did matter as the winners were constantly changing and in the end both awards were scooped by a single vote!

Cormac O’Neill’s “Band of the Month” clinched the crown of, “PC Article of the Year” and Dylan Wilby was the winner of, “PC Writer of the Year”. Congratulations to both Dylan and Cormac, I am sure I speak on behalf of the PC subscripients when I say your articles are always a joy to read! Like I said though, this is the same for all articles within the PC, as the results just go to show that the PC has something for everyone as every article received a vote!

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