Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pace Egg Auditions

We just can't hype on enough about it. The Pace Egg is our favourite Easter tradition. Today we had our first meeting in 2009 for the Pace Egg, and we agreed that we would hold auditions on this coming Monday (12th January 2009).

If you're a Calder High student, and you're male (sorry girls, we'd be lynched by the past-Pace Eggers were we to have female cast members, and thus break with tradition) then please consider coming along. The Pace Egg is a great Calderdale tradition, spanning hundreds of years. We need people with loud voices, and with a commanding presence on the street.

If you're interested, then come along Monday lunch to the Theatre. We'd really like to see you. Speak to Isaac or Johnny for more information, or to get the audition piece.

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