Saturday, 19 June 2010

An Apology, An Excuse And A Link

Hello all you subscripients,

I am writing to sincerely apologise for the neglect you have been suffering at the hands of the malicious and cold hearted web team. Unfortunately (and I sense a strong feeling of deja vu here...) the exam season has caught up with us, and if it wasn't for the commitment and dedication of the brilliant Sam Larner (who is also in the middle of exam season, yet doesn't let that stop him) the site would be well and truly dry, so to him I am extremely grateful. However, I am sure this is not a repeat of last years tragic closure of the Painter's Chronicle (touch wood) and as the exam season is drawing to a close now, I'm sure the site will be full to the brim with exciting articles once more in no time.

I'm sure that many of you have been following the World Cup this year, as have I, and the completely unpredictable nature of the tournament so far in has blown it wide open, I'm sure this coming month has plenty of exciting twists and turns in store for us. To those that are watching (and for those that aren't I strongly suggest you start soon!) I strongly recommend Oli White's brilliant, and often hilarious, blog.

Well, that's all from me for now, I promise to get the site churning out fantastic articles and features again as soon as possible,

Callum MacRae
Website Manager - Painter's Chronicle E-Magazine


  1. glad to here it callum! what have you got lined up for us? get billy writing some more articles!

  2. Well, I believe that me and Billy are starting a PC debate on the controversial vuvuzela, we've the debut of Mike James coming up, and various other unconfirmed possibilities... If anyone has any ideas though, the more the merrier.