Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The World Cup - Sir Robert Holme KBE's Tip

It's the chance for every nation to make themselves,
Heroes will be created, phrases coined.
They think it's all over... it is NOW.

That was just a short poem about the upcoming World Cup, where I expect England will do quite well. However the Robert Holme Bookmaker plc. does not expect England to progress to the semi final. But that's just our professional opinion.

The odd's for North Korea winning the World Cup at Robert Holme Bookmaker plc is 1:1. So that means they'll definatly win the world cup. Predicted final is North Korea vs. New Zealand, with North Korea winning on penalties. The score (including penalties) will be 5 3 to North Korea. Watch out! It's going to b a crazy ride.

Sir Robert Holme KBE

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