Monday, 21 June 2010

The Vuvuzela

This is the sound of the world cup in South Africa, and indeed may become the sound of the British summer 2010. Sales of these natural horns, made of plastic, have rocketed in UK supermarkets since the start of the World Cup. But why? Probably because there is something innately pleasurable about blowing a horn and making a loud noise.

They don't require much skill, just a basic grasp of brass playing techniques - blowing 'raspberries,' so to speak. Indeed, talented brass players are able to play a tune on the instrument, like the great Byron Wallen, see here.

Incensing people who hate them, and inspiring people who love them, the vuvuzela has it's fans and critics. Yet it's probably going to become a more regulare feature of British sport.

Robert Holme

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