Monday, 21 June 2010

Painter's Journey Post

I'd like to start today's 'Painter's Journey Post' by making one thing absolutely clear, I am not in any way, shape or form becoming slightly southern, an impression you may get when reading this post. Not happening, and never will, I'm a proud Yorkshireman!

You could argue that today's post isn't technically a journey post as I sit here typing away in Terminal 1, London Heathrow. Sadly aeroplanes do not have the luxury of wireless internet yet, but I am sure with worldwide technological advances that are occurring every minute, they soon will. Watch this space...

When waking up this morning I had no idea what I would ramble on about today, and I must admit I even consulted Joe for an idea. And with Callum still not putting in place a strict brief to adhere to, I could literally natter on about anything. The challenge is, getting a subject that might slightly interest the two readers of this post...I'm rambling again, here goes!

Today's subject is...Cities Worldwide and Our Capital

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has grumbled about our capital, London. 'It's too busy' ... 'There's far too much noise and pollution' ... 'Where are all the hills in this place?' However, having spent the day touring round a summery London, I was inspired to write this piece.

Yes, London isn't perfect, but when you open up your eyes, become open minded and appreciate the surroundings you soon realise that it's a rather nice place to call our capital city. An international hot spot, cafes and restaurants for all and a genuine place for people wanting to see more of the world.

My main message and purpose of this post however is not a sales pitch to drag more of you to London, yet again I'm thinking of a deeper message (lights dim)...

We see international capital cities on our news every day, and the majority of stories are bad news. People killed, terrorist attacks, civil wars, how often does London fit that category? Not often, does it?

We have a capital that we can be proud of. We can visit and enjoy our stay without the pressures of problems occurring. Maybe we take it too much for granted. Can you imagine Christmas in Karachi? Holidays in Harare? Weekends in Beirut? Wouldn't quite be the same, would it? 

We're fortunate to live in the country we do. Remember that.

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