Sunday, 8 March 2009

Board Meeting

Today we held the first of many Board Meetings, to lead up to the production and launch of the Painter's Chronicle Easter Edition. As we are all devout Christians, we are committed to honouring traditional Christian festivals, by producing Painter's Chronicle's on these said dates.
That's why we have had a Christmas and now a Easter edition. We shall also be having a Harvest and Whitsun edition. If we had the time. Which we don't.
Anyway, Easter is fast approaching, as we have one month to put this together. So, any readers reading this who would like to contribute, or any writers where there isn't a choice; you have to write, please can you get your article(s) done as soon as possible. I.e. before this coming Sunday, where possible.

We will be, hopefully, be working hard to get this edition out, and hopefully making it as good as the Christmas edition which was, as we all agree, fantastic. Hopefully Easter will be as good.

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