Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Exciting Media Development

The Chairman

The PC has entered a new phase of being. We have reached a second state of consciousness, and we have reached PC.2. Yes, this really is a momentous moment in the history of this highly acclaimed international newspaper.

I was sat in my office, pondering upon how I should mark this special event. I thought, a Parade? No. A Carnival? No. A Fete? No. A Fayre? No. A Festival? No. A Gala? No. So I sat, backtracking upon my own thoughts untill a thought hit me. Suddenly I was burning with creativity, golden energy flowing from my fingertips. I'd consider myself greater that Plato, Lennon and Picasso combined.

After an hour of arduous struggle I reached my end product. Click here to view it, and marvel at my greatness.

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  1. I feel this newspaper needs a change of management...unless this is a new direction you're taking it in which case good job.