Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pace Eggers Perform To Scouts . . . And Wesley!

The Pace Eggers continued their rigorous rehearsal schedule this week, performing to two outside audiences.
Their first performance was on Tuesday night to Mytholmroyd Scout Group; more specifically the Beavers and Cubs section. The Pace Eggers put up a brave showing and picked out areas in which they needed to tweak to perfect their performance. The smiles on the Beaver's and Cub's faces gave the team the impression that they enjoyed the company.

The Pace Eggers would like to thank Mytholmroyd Scout Group for giving them the opportunity to perform and they hope to perform again in the future. A substantial amount of money was also raised from the two performances, with the Eggers earning over £40!

The second performance was today, where the team performed to last years St. George, Wesley Downs. Wesley was at hand to give the Eggers a few pointers on how to improve.


  1. Roll on the mighty pace eggers!

  2. We all love Wesley!!!

  3. Billy is laying down the law to that Cub!