Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Big Questions

Are Creationists evidence of evolution?

It's a familiar argument, creationism against evolution but what if these two theories are linked? Well that is exactly what scientists at Oxford University are trying to find out with a controversial new study claiming that Creationists themselves are evidence of evolution. Prof Martin Steeple explained why saying "in their obvious blindness in the face of what is now scientifically definite the creationists are showing signs of severe neurotic denial which we found was a prevalent feature in species which were about to die out". They summarise that "in their decreasing numbers and obvious madness to normal mating partners they are in danger of becoming extinct, this proves that natural selection is leaving them behind as other humans accept the facts and move on." Understandably the British Creationist Society were outraged saying "show us the proof! Clearly God has sent this study as a test to our patience and we hope it's authors will pray for salvation". The AAC has also become embroiled in the row claiming "Darwin is now one step closer to taking over the world with his lies" but we want to know what you the PC readers think, are these people inadvertently evidence of what they seek to deny?

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