Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Minted Experiance

Robert P. Holme KBE

There's something quite magical about mint. The cool refreshing blast of flavour, which is at once sweet, but leaves a fresh and cool taste in ones mouth, especially after one breathes in. The sweet sensation of minty goodness, which seems to strain every sinew with it's pure beauty.

Mint creams are heavenly; the soft chocolate, the lightly chewy mint cream. Delicious. Mouth watering. Like my poem.

A Lamb to the Slaughter

Minted meat. O minted meat
How still we see thee lie
A dove! Thy deep and dreamless heat
alone a-moun the sky. But lo!
breaded cloud-fall doth tumble.
Tumble, tumble, rumble.
Minted meat.


  1. Great to hear from you Robert, keep up the great poetry.

  2. This makes me feel hungry, thats the sign of a good poem...or mabye thats a good advet?

  3. Simply amazing work