Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Question of the Week

Should Babies be Gagged in Public?
We can all relate to the problem, but how many of us have actually taken action against the inevitable screeching baby that can ruin any music concert or film without warning. Well the controversial group Adults Against Screaming are calling on the government to introduce legislation requiring cotton gags to be placed on babies at any public event in which sound is an issue. Andy Thomas from the group says "parents would argue a dummy is enough yet their children still ruin many a night out for hard working adults everywhere, this is the best solution". But Mary Hilden MP is fighting against the motion claiming that "babies like the rest of us have a right to free speech, the fact they can't produce words yet should not be used against them". The National Union of Nursery Workers called on all parents to fight against this motion saying "they are classing babies everywhere as second class citizens". But as always we want to know what you, the PC readers think about this issue, should we gag our babies?
Source: ADP News


  1. Who are these people, we want our babies to sing as loud as they can whenever they can, babies are the only one's truly free to do as they want. Long may that last.

  2. About time too.. many an opera has been ruined by the horrendous racket of a bawling baby. Disgusting

  3. Crazy, it's all part of the fun at a concert

  4. Force people over the age of 60 to wear them, they are worse than the babies.