Friday, 26 June 2009

Disaster Zone!

A throwback to Easter this year . . .
Matthew Dawson reported:
If mankind were meant to endure the cold we would never have lost our fur. This evolutionary message has come back to haunt us. They say the cold came from Russia but no-one knows for sure. What was certain is that the weather it produced could have turned a snowman into a shivering wreck. The snow quickly descended and left everything in a soft white carpet. The problem was that this was a carpet of death. The weather worsened and icy commuters braved the valleys roads whilst others gave up the fight and resigned themselves to natures onslaught hoping, praying, that she would show mercy. But the snow continued and as brave men tried in vain to fend it off with salt the reserves started to deplete. Man was left with no cards to play and no where to hide. Nothing was certain except that the day was heading towards disaster. We were lucky, the weather retreated leaving man to see the consequences, and as the snow melted away we were grateful that we had been spared. This story shows how precarious our hold on normality really can be. What we can learn from this event is for you to decide but what was always clear is how close this almost was to disaster.

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