Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hope Not Hate - Not In My Name

As you probably know, on Sunday the BNP were elected to two seats in the European Parliament. It was a terrible day for Britain - the idea that we are sending two fascists to Europe to represent us, doesn't bear thinking about.

However, we must think about it if we are to stand against this growing threat to British civil values and freedoms. We mustn't allow apathy to hold the door open for the BNP. On July 14th, the two elected BNP MEP's Griffin and Brons will be taking their seats in the first session of the European Parliament. To meet them will be the campaigners for the anti-fascist group, "Hope not hate," to hand them a petition from the British public with a simple message: not in my name.

I am therefore asking you all, as I have done, to sign the petition, and join the 40,000 who have already done so. We need to tell the BNP that they weren't elected in our names. They won due to a breakdown in the mainstream parties vote - not because of an influx of new voters. We need to tell Griffin that we, the people of Britian, don't support him, or his racist views.

Before the elections, it was predicted that the BNP may have won 4, 5 or even 6 seats. When the expenses scandal blew in, the BNP predicted that they would take 12. Hope not hate managed to stop that. Now, a new campaign begins, a campaign to stop the BNP before they get any further. The BNP have gained their first elected positions. It must be their last.

Please sign the petition, and tell the BNP that it's not in your name.

Thank you,

Chairman Rose

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  1. Petition signed, sadly I don't think it'll help at all though :-(