Friday, 26 June 2009


As many of you will know Glastonbury festival is now well under way and The Painter's Chronicle is pleased to bring you up to date with the festival with the help of our team of correspondants who are currently reporting back to the PC newsroom. Ben Lomax-Thrope seemed in awe as he reported back from the middle of The Specials set which he described as "amazing" and summed up the festival so far, calling it "muddy, boomin' and Cormacless" refering to the unexpected absence of one of the team. This transnational correspondance is a first for the PC and we hope to keep you up to date with all the best Glastonbury news straight from the farm. Update: The PC team were interested to know how the death of Michael Jackson was being felt at the festival but our correspondant revealed a far from despondant mood saying that "hot girls were distributing the news so it was OK". Today (Saturday) our correspondant reported from the middle of the Pendulum set which he urged PC readers to check out online (follow the link in the title of this piece). Update: Last night our correspondants missed out on Bruce Springsteen, who gave an incredible performance to a huge audience, but saw a little known band called Big Hand who have performed in Hebden Bridge and have a wide selection of great dance tunes. They claim to have stayed up until the sun was shining brightly and so when we last spoke to them they were enjoying a well earned rest. They were all looking forward to the headline band Madness who perform tonight.

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