Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ask The Team!

Well, there does seem to be a lot of them cropping up these days, but here's just one more way for you subscripients to get involved with the Painter's Chronicle Website!

The idea is that you e-mail in a subject (any subject you like; it could be quantum physics, it could be the upcoming election, it could be jam) and 'The Team', namely Billy, Joe, Isaac and myself, will each write a paragraph on said subject, and post it on the website. If there is enough support from all of you,  we may even make this a regular feature!

So I urge you all to get thinking and send in a subject to callummacrae@painterschronicle.co.uk Looking forward to your replies, and thanking you in advance,

Callum MacRae
Website Manager - Painter's Chronicle E-Magazine

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