Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pink Elephant Fish - Upcoming Gig

The official band of The Painter's Chronicle, Pink Elephant Fish have yet another gig coming up very shortly at The Muni Theatre in Colne. Once again the guys will be performing along side the highly popular Souled Out Band. All funds raised from ticket sales will go to the Great Generation Project ran by Calder VI Form.

The gig promises to be another memorable occasion, in an absolutely fantastic venue; The Muni Theatre. In terms of sound and atmosphere, the Muni is well renowned throughout the north of England. 2 great bands, 1 great project where the funds will be donated too and one top night!

Let's get a Painter's Chronicle contingent over there on the 14th May, 19.30 and support the guys and the Great Generation Project.

For further information email


  1. Sell Outs! You should have stuck with sponsoring Fishing For Bishops, They were better!

  2. I think you'll find that Billy is currently in the process of lining them up a Music festival that attracts close to 2000 people. Much more than previous gigs have attracted...

    The PC still support F4B

  3. please come everyone. It should be a really good gig. The other supports as well as pink elephant fish includes senior members of ardon youth choir and dancers from calder high school. Tickets can be bought at the door.