Sunday, 4 April 2010

The New Editors

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, Billy Painter has stepped down from his post as Editor of The Painter’s Chronicle, and I have been selected to replace him. This huge and pretty exciting task is one that I hope to make a good job of, and enjoy too whilst doing it!

Listed in the left hand margin are some new editions to the team that will be working to produce the Spring Issue; the Chronicle will now be released by season. There will be loads of new articles for you to enjoy: factual, random, and controversial - the PC will have it all!

Also new to the Chronicle team is our Website Manager, Callum MacRae; he will be co-ordinating the website and launching some exciting new competitions, such as story writing and photography, so hunt out your lucky socks!

The old PC Board (Billy, Isaac Johnny and Calum) will still stay involved as they are now officially the ‘Painter’s Chronicle Honorary Board’, so you can still expect to hear from them every now and then.

The launch of the upcoming Spring issue will be May Day (3rd May) and will be available by e-mail or through our website.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a lovely Easter, and you can keep in touch with the Chronicle via the website, our Facebook page, or by email (

I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you about some exciting new developments, On our site you can see the full details, but we have a great new competition running, with prizes up for grabs, and also in the spring Chronicle, we will be running a "ask the (old) Editor!" If you have any questions for Billy, Please email them to and you could see them answered in the mag!
That's all from me this time, I hope you have a lovely Easter break,
Joe Cotton
Editor - The Painter’s Chronicle
Hello Subscripients,

My name is Callum MacRae, and as I’m sure you have gathered, I have been placed in charge of the website for the upcoming Painter’s Chronicle Renaissance. Listed just underneath the list of new contributors to the left is a list of the new confirmed web contributors. However, we’re still in need of, and more than happy to accept, more, so if anyone is interested in perhaps contributing in any way shape or form, don’t hesitate to get in touch at!

As mentioned by our new editor Joe Cotton, I have made plans for the site; hoping to maintain some of the old features (such as the regular recipes and regular videos) as well as introducing some brand new ones of my own. I hope to introduce a new focus on the subscripient, with various competitions and opportunities for you all to get involved and if anyone has any ideas for possible features, or can remember any past web features they were particularly fond of, please let me know.

Some more detailed posts should be appearing on here soon concerning the renaissance, and in a few weeks should be well on its way to being restored to its former glory!

Callum MacRae,
Website Manager - The Painter's Chronicle


  1. hey you two, how about sending out an email to us all :) let them know that things are rolling again!

  2. Will Do. Are you already on the mailing list?

  3. Just amazing!