Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday's Recipe

Not that this is a tradition, nor will it every be - I suddenly had the urge to write down my newest recipe. Besides being a professional poet I am also a part time chef at Buckingham Palace. Well no, that's an outrageous lie, but I do sometimes cook things for myself.

I hit upon this while indulging myself on yes, you guessed it, chocolate. The drink of the Aztecs, the food of the gods, this bittersweet brown substance has been the cause of empire and the bane of nations. No, that's perhaps not historically accurate. But chocolate is one of the British's secret pleasures. One of those ones of the not so secret kind.

Anyway, fusing my Anglo-French influences (my father was half Quebecois) I created something of pure delight. Toast an English muffin. Butter it. Put three squares of dark chocolate (72% cocoa mass) inside it. Fold it over. Eat it. Experience enlightenment.

Robert Holme

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