Friday, 2 April 2010

The Good Friday Pace Egg

This years Pace Egg was a great success, with the calder high team entertaing folks all over the valley. Unforunately, this was the last time we'll be seeing Dario Coates- Saint george, and Tom man- Tosspot, perform in the play, but both left in style! The mixed and motley mob were as follows:

                         Kieran Bell as The Fool

                Dario Coates as Saint George

                  Sam Harris as Bold Slasher

                               Jack Deighton as The Doctor

                      Rowan Carter as The Black Prince

               Jacob Jones as The King of Egypt

                          Joe Cotton as Hector

                           Thomas man as Tosspot

Throughout the show, Saint George battles many foes:

And we'll come no more to you until the next year!

Photo's were taken throughout the day, for the full folder, email

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