Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pace Egg Thanks

Another year, another Good Friday and another fantastic Pace Egg Play. I’d like to take this opportunity to say some heartfelt thank you’s to all who helped make this day a huge success once again.

First of all, a huge well done and thank you to the cast themselves for entertaining the Calder Valley throughout the day; it takes a certain type of person who'll step up and perform like that 'on the street', to such an expectant crowd, keeping them enthralled, yet sticking to this most traditional of scripts. Firstly, a hearty thanks to Mr. Stephen Ball and Mrs. Jill Leicester for their continuing support during the rehearsal and preparation process. I’d also like to thank all the guest doctors who were unwillingly dragged from the crowd to participate in our Easter shenanigans, they really added to the humour of the performance and we appreciate their spontaneous drama skills. To Linda Helliwell we owe a huge thank you, without her we would just be a group of oddly dressed thespians standing on a Mytholmroyd pavement. Thanks to her we had a minibus to drive us round on our haphazard tour. A thank you must go out to Robert Holme KBE for his help with prop management and vocal coaching. Sol Cotton and Fran Robinson were both at hand with their cameras on the day, and because of that many pictures and videos are available for us as a cast to look back on as well as the general public too. Throughout Good Friday, we were accompanied and mothered by one Mrs. Ruth Roebuck. Her kindly, compassionate attitude meant she could cope with the Pace Egg rabble and help us through the day, a massive thank you to you, Mrs. Roebuck. Leading up to the day, we were exposed throughout many local and national media affiliations; without them our audience numbers wouldn’t be half as big. Finally, the biggest thank you of all goes to all who turned out to watch us make traditional fools of ourselves once again. See you next year!

This year we raised a total of £575; this will be split between two local charities; Overgate Hospice and the Great Generation Project.

Sam Harris

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