Thursday, 22 April 2010

The PC Through The Ages

Whilst sitting on my velvet armchair last night, reading one of my many leather bound books with a glass of finest Scotch I came across this little quote from Immanuel Kant:

    ‘All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with the             Painter’s Chronicle. There is nothing higher than the Painter’s Chronicle.’

A little follow up reading soon uncovered a whole host of unknown subscripients, from all ages and all walks of life, they all have one thing in common: a passion for the PC. Over the coming months I will be publishing a variety of quotes from different historical figures, so keep logging on to find out who else shared a secret passion for the Chronicle!

If anyone else happens to stumble across a well-known man or woman expressing their appreciation for the PC, don't hesitate to send them over to at once!

Until next time,

Callum MacRae
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