Saturday, 10 April 2010

Painter's Post - 2 Landmarks, 1 Week!

Blimey! What a bang the PC has come back with!

After weeks on end with very few posts on the website, the hit counter was slowly and slowly stopping; a little like Bruce Forsyth! However, with the PC Renaissance, led by Joe and Callum, now in full flight the website that was once viewed on a daily basis by many has now reached two wonderful landmarks in the space of a week.

Firstly, after around a year in existence the Painter's Chronicle website has accumulated a total of 15,000 hits; an average of around 45 daily. Secondly, in the last week alone, the total hits for has been...wait for it...1000! This is by far the biggest peak the PC website has had since it's arrival last year. The PC really is coming back to its glory days, and quite clearly starting to appeal to a new brand of subscripient, as well as continuing to serve the old.

The support of everyone has been brilliant since the arrivals of Joe and Callum a few weeks ago, and I am delighted that everyone is getting behind them and the new editorial team. From the inside information I have managed to pinch from them, I believe we're all in for a very exciting, enjoyable and different Spring Edition with some new and innovative ideas already being included.

Callum tells me that more competitions and regular features for the website are also imminent, with some more to be announced as soon as this weekend. So watch this space...

On the subject of competitions and features, don't forget that Joe's 'Election Poster Competition' is currently running. This is a great opportunity to show off with some political whit as well as stand a chance to win a mystery grand prize; something not to be missed! Get entering now people! I already have!

Well, that's all from me for now. Your support has been excellent so far, keep going and lets all get behind Joe and Callum and usher in the PC's next phase. The PC Renaissance.


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